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Amazon Seller Tool Offers

MerchantWords Offer

MerchantWords – Discount

MerchantWords is a powerful keyword research tool that collects search terms used by Amazon shoppers from around the world including Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Enter the product name and the tool will list search term variations as well as total monthly search estimates. The tool is perfect to come up with product ideas as well as find keywords that are commonly used amongst shoppers. MerchantWords will help you in optimizing your product listings and PPC campaigns and most importantly will allow you to grow your sales on Amazon.

Prices start at $30 per month, use the below link however and get MerchantWords for only $9 per month.

Repricerexpress Trial

RepricerExpress – 15 Day Free Trial

RepricerExpress is one of the best automated Amazon repricer tools out there. The tool automatically reprices your listings in order to stay competitive and allowing you to compete for the Buy Box saving you time not having to constantly monitor what you’re competitors are doing.

If you’re selling hundreds of products through Amazon, the tool is definitely a huge time saver and will allow you to increase your sales and profits. The tool will even increase your prices when a competitor runs out of stock which a very handy feature.

Use the below link to try RepricerExpress for a free 15 day trial (cancel anytime).


TransferWise – Save on Transfer Fees

Paying international suppliers can often prove costly. Too often than not, you will face exorbitant costs such as poor exchange rates, transfer and bank fees which will eat into your profit margins.

With TransferWise however, you can pay using USD to non US bank accounts, ideal if you’re paying your Chinese suppliers in US dollars. Exchange rates quoted by TransferWise are guaranteed for 24 hours and they will use the real mid-exchange rate (the going rate) so you won’t get ripped off, unlike if you use your bank to make a transfer.

They also provide a borderless account which allows you to keep money in over 40 currencies which you can then convert at the real exchange rate whenever you require.

Hosting & Domain Offers


NameCheap – Save on Domain Names

NameCheap is the leading domain registrar. Domain names purchased through NameCheap come with the WhoIs Privacy feature as standard and prices are competitive. They avoid pushy upsell tactics unlike other domain registrars and renewal pricing for .com domain names are reasonable.

WPEngine Offers

WP Engine – 3 Months Free Hosting

If you’re considering purchasing web hosting consider signing-up to WP Engine.

They provide fast and reliable hosting with 24/7/365 customer support. They offer a free staging environment which means changes can be tested before they are pushed to your live site which reduces the risk of breaking things in production. WP Engine also offers daily backups so if anything does go wrong you can always roll back to previous working version of your site.

Use the below link to get 3 months free off your hosting plan.

WordPress Plugin Offers

PushEngage Offer

PushEngage – Discount 20% Off Your First Month Plan

PushEngage allows you to send out automatic notifications to your subscribers’ web browsers when you publish new content on your site.

Using push notifications is a great way of notifying users of new posts and it works extremely well on mobile devices. PushEngage will allow you to effortlessly promote your content to all your users.

Use the below link and use the following coupon (TWENTYOFF) to get 20% off your first month plan.

Advertising Network Offers

Media.net – Earn 10% Extra on Your Ad Revenue

If you’re thinking of monetizing your website with ads, consider using Media.net which is the second largest contextual PPC ad network.

They provide a range of ad size formats including custom sizes and they offer different ad types including display ad units, content ads, desktop interstitial ads and mobile docked ads. Native ads blend in with the design and layout of your site and are responsive so they will work on all devices.

One of the major benefits of Media.net over other ad networks is you’re assigned a personal account manager who can help you optimize your ads in order to increase your ad revenue.

Use the below link to sign-up to Media.NET and receive an additional 10% of the ad revenue that you generate for the first 3 months.

SEO Tool Offers

SEMRush Free Trial

SEMRush – 7 Day Free Trial

Whether you want to perform keyword research, or see what your competitors are ranking for, or even run an audit on your site to find any potential issues, this is all possible with the powerful SEO tool SEMRush.

Use the below link for a 7 day free trial and see for yourself how indispensable the tool really is.